This Salt Strong Insiders Tribe is going to be a very large fishing community. We strive to keep a clean, helpful, and positive place for men, women, families, and kids to come to learn, educate others, and display great catches.

Given the amount of visibility that this platform will provide, it is essential that the fish posts are done in a responsible manner so that others learn the proper way to hold fish that are to be released.

Read this post to see the 5 essential parts of the fish that we must protect when handling our fish and when displaying catches to others in public settings:

As for interactive behavior, there are many other fishing forums/groups on the internet that clearly allow cursing, bullying, and disrespecting of others. If you like that kind of negativity, then please use those other platforms. We won’t tolerate it here, and you will be removed without any warnings.

Here are the long-form rules:


Don’t Disrespect Others. If you do not have anything positive or constructive to say to someone in a kind manner, do not say it at all. If you have a personal matter with someone, deal with them directly, not on our page.

Don’t Advertise: This includes personal items for sale, companies, FB pages, events, etc. There are other pages dedicated for that, not this one. This creates “clutter” on the feed and once one person does it, next thing you know everyone is doing it and the page turns into craigslist.

Don’t Police Others: There are many members of this group that are actually law enforcement along with some fish & game wardens. Not to mention the fact that these agencies monitor fishing pages for illegal activity. Do not tell someone their catch is under/over size. You were not there, and your eyes are not a measuring device. We highly encourage proper fish handling techniques, but there is also a proper way of going about this. Just saying “that fish is dead”, or “your holding that fish wrong”, is not an effective way of informing someone of proper fish handling. There are a lot of new anglers who may not be aware of proper handling. If you feel the need to inform them, do it politely.

Don’t Bash Others For Keeping Fish: There are members of this community from all over the country and even other parts of the world. Not to mention different cultures and backgrounds. Different areas = different laws. Conservation is highly important, however, there are many people that need to feed themselves and their families. What someone does with their catch is their business, not yours. Laws that apply in your state may differ from theirs.

Don’t Degrade or Objectify Female Anglers: There are a ton of female anglers out there, but sadly they do not post on fishing pages often due to rude and/or inappropriate comments on their appearance, or just the fact that they are female anglers, which is ridiculous. Think before you speak. If that was your daughter or mother, would you want someone saying that to them?

Don’t Post Argumentative Material: Do not post anything that will lead to arguments, name calling, shaming, etc. This includes but is not limited to posts to “guess the size of the fish”, fake fish identification posts, reposting obvious illegal activities, etc. We have monitored hundreds of posts and have a good understanding of what typically leads to arguments.

Note: You may not intend for your post to be argumentative, but if comments within the post get out of hand the entire post may be deleted without warning. Again, we cannot keep up with every comment.

Don’t Barter for Follows/Likes: Nobody enjoys begging, so please do not clog up the main feed or comment feeds with propositions to trade Follows/Likes. The Follows/Likes will be earned by actively sharing fun and helpful fishing posts and by constructively interacting with other like-minded anglers.

If the above isn’t clear enough, ask yourself the following questions before posting or responding in the group:

• Am I advertising anything?
• Am I treating others with respect?
• Will this post cause an argument? 
• Would I want my parents, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, to see this?
• Is my post or comment adding value?

If you see any posts that violate the rules of the group, please report them immediately. That makes it easier for the admins to get to it and take care of it. With a ton of posts and comments daily it is nearly impossible to keep up with them all. You (the community) have the most eyes on the page and can greatly help us keep this fishing community the best out there.

Tight Lines and Fish On!

Love The Salt Strong Fishing Tribe Admin Team